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Bar Menu available 12noon

Shrimp plate with Fries 16


Flatbread 12

tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella


Chicken & Sausage Jamabalaya 12

a Jean Lafitte favorite


Pulled Pork Sandwich 10

slow roasted chipotle


OAH Fries 10

cheese, sour cream, jalapeno, scallions, & pulled pork


Cheese Fries 8

always a favorite!


Chips and Daily Salsa 8


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Mardi Gras 2016
Bourbon Street Balconies
Private and Semi-Privates Rooms
with Balcony access
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Mardi Gras Packages include:
Spacious party rooms with balcony
Open Bar
Hot Lunch, Dinner Buffet, Snacks
In and out access
Clean and Private restrooms
Locations all over Bourbon Street!
201 Bourbon St.
238 Bourbon St.
240 Bourbon St.
400 Bourbon St.
The Old Absinthe House Mango Mango


Suisse absinthe from what is known as the birthplace of absinthe. Kubler is clear till it produces an opaque, milky, white louche. This absinthe is distilled from Suisse wheat including lemon balm, star anise, and Roman wormwood.
106 proof

Is a famous Suisse le bleu absinthe. Clear in color and one of the smoothest of all absinthe. Made in Switzerland, the birthplace of absinthe.
106 proof

Mata Hari
Austrian absinthe with an earthy green color. This is a Bohemian style absinthe which means less anis. It has aromas of gentian, angostura with hints of mint.
120 proof

Pernod Absinthe:
Is a French absinthe that was one of the most popular absinthes before the ban of 1912 in the U.S. Now, after 95 years, Pernod makes it’s comeback as a quintessential absinthe. Made with fennel, anise and grande wormwood. 136 proof

Grand Absinthe:
French absinthe with a bright green tint. This absinthe is nicely balanced with aromas of wormwood, mint, anise and lemon balm. 138 proof

Nouvelle Orleans:
A French absinthe with a clear, bright green color which is an indicator of fresh Wormwood. Nouvelle Orleans has an intensely herbaceous and floral bouquet of mint, anise, lemon balm and verbena. 136 proof

A French absinthe, Lucid is the first genuine absinthe to gain approval for legal distribution in the U.S. since 1912. The absinthe is light green colored and flavoured only by the natural ingredients; green anise, grande wormwood and sweet fennel.
124 proof





Please visit all our locations on Bourbon Street.

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Visit all our locations on Bourbon Street.
Mango Mango Daiquiri, Balcony - 201 Bourbon
Tony Moran's Restaurant - 236 Bourbon
The Old Absinthe House, Balcony - 240 Bourbon
Mango Mango Daiquiri, Balcony - 400 Bourbon

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